Lynn's new picture book is out!

Buzz Bumble to the Rescue:
by Lynn E. Hazen.

A story of sibling rivalry that's sure to have kids buzzing!

Buzz Bumble is admired by all the bees in the garden for his fancy flying--and he loves being the center of attention. That is, until Baby Bumble arrives. Then everyone overlooks poor Buzz while they gush over the new bee. Buzz is not happy, especially when Ansel Antennae focuses his camera on Baby Bumble instead of on Buzz. But when Baby gets into trouble, will Buzz come to her rescue? Illustrated by Jill Newton, with colors as bright as a summer garden, this delightful story about sibling rivalry is sure to charm young readers.

Ages 3-8
Hardcover picture book
Published May 2005, Bloomsbury
ISBN: 1582349320
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Inspiration for this story came from many sources: from my own two sweet, boisterous boys; from the wonderful kids and families in my preschool; and from the fat, fuzzy, and industrious, but gentle bumble bees in our garden. I was also inspired by the “assignments,” encouragement, and feedback from my critique group friends in Revisionaries, Re:Writers, Chapters, and of course, my Vermont College Salon buddies.

Jill Newton has written and illustrated several books for children. She lives in England. Lynn loves Jill's colorful garden world.