Dear Teachers, Librarians & Event Coordinators,

I look forward to planning a visit to your library or school. My picture book, Buzz Bumble to the Rescue works well with Preschool though Second Grade. Older students, adults and families like hearing about writing picture books, too, and I can tailor my talk to your audience age, needs, interests, or special event. The following is an example of a program for Preschoolers though Second Graders, or a mixed-age family event.

First I usually introduce myself and show some images while talking about how I get my ideas. Then I read Buzz Bumble to the Rescue aloud, and take a few moments to talk about how my interests and ideas (about family, feelings, gardens, bumble bees, and venus fly traps) were creatively put to use in the story. I ask some questions about gardens, families, brothers and sisters, and venus fly traps. I bring a picture of a venus fly trap, and sometimes I bring a real venus fly trap with me to show the children.

Then I choose a few volunteers to come up and help act out a very simple play of Buzz Bumble, complete with a few props and antennae costumes!

Next comes a short Q & A.

Then we make a simple bee puppet. (Lynn can provide all the materials for this if the school or library can provide felt pens, markers, or crayons)

For the youngest children, it helps if we have an extra adult or two to help with the project.

It is very easy and fun, and Lynn will direct how to do it.

If there is still time, the children can join Lynn with their bee puppets for a few bee rhymes and songs.
Lynn is always happy to answer more questions and sign copies of Buzz Bumble to the Rescue if anyone wants.

These activities usually take an hour from start to finish.

If you are planning a school event, some schools enjoy holding a poster contest in advance of my visit with the theme of "Bee" a Reader

The PTA might be able to chip in for a copy of one of Lynn's books as a prize for the best poster in each grade level.

This is a wonderful way to get students involved, and to post positive messages in words and pictures about reading (in the students' own creative ways) up and down the hallways, all over the school!!

Another classroom activity prior to my visit is to ask students to brainstorm what they know about writing books, what they don't know, and what questions they would like to ask me.

Below are some more optional discussion starters, writing prompts, and fun activities for home or school time. I hope you find them useful.

About Buzz Bumble
(To talk about, write about, research or create):

1. What do you know about Bumble Bees? Where can you find out more info?

2. Who do you think gets the most attention in your family--the oldest kids or the youngest kids? Is that fair?

3. What's it like inside a Venus Fly Trap?

4. Have you ever had to rescue your younger brother or sister from an embarrassing or dangerous situation?

5. Has your brother or sister ever rescued you?

6. Do you like to draw or paint, make collages, or 3D models? Try making bees in a garden, a pop up book, a big class mural, or a multi-media model with bees or Venus Fly Traps!

7. Have you ever heard of Ansel Adams? Why is he famous? How about Ansel Antennae?

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I hope to meet you soon.